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The long-term mental effects on a child victim of street crime can be devastating- life-altering, even.

From the time they leave the house, to the time they return, all good parents worry about their children’s safety. While paranoia is unnecessary and unhelpful, an honest and open conversation about risks and dangers is our duty.

The street-smart toolkit is an online course designed to inform and instruct your children about personal safety while away from the supervision of adults.

Stripped of any unnecessary non-essential information, your child will learn tools, tactics and techniques that they can use IMMEDIATELY- the very next time they leave the house.

Amongst other things, you and your child will learn the dangerous ‘myths’ of common ‘self-defence’ instruction and how they might cause more problems than they supposedly cure.

They will learn:

  • the real skills needed for self-protection
  • what a gorilla and Roger Federer can teach about personal safety
  • and the unique Street Smart SMART PAL method that will help your child build confidence, independence and drastically improve their chances of staying safe on the streets.

Filmed live at one of the many workshops and seminars hosted for parents, children and schools around the country, learn from the founder of STREET SMART, Matt Jardine, as he shares his personal experiences and knowledge gained from over twenty-five years teaching parents and children martial arts, self-development and personal-safety.

You can email us [email protected]